Capital Structure


Fully paid ordinary shares 1,870,525,612
Unlisted Performance Rights 18,827,000


Unquoted Securities:
The unlisted securities of the Company as at 29 August 2018 are 18,827,000 Performance Rights. The Rights do not carry a right to vote at a general meeting of shareholders. The Company also has 8,200,000 Convertible Notes on issue as at 29 August 2018 expiring 30 June 2019. Refer to the Notice of Meeting released to ASX on 23 June 2017 for key terms and other details.

 Unlisted Performance Rights

Number Class


Unlisted Employee Performance Rights. Measurement date 1/2/2019. Expiry date 31/12/2019.
14,187,000 Unlisted Employee and Director Performance Rights. Measurement dates 29/11/2018, 2019 and 2020. Expiry date 29/11/2022.