Corporate Governance

In fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities to its various stakeholders, the Board supports a strong system of corporate governance, to ensure that the management of Otto is conducted in order to maximise shareholder value in a proper and ethical manner.

The Board believes it has implemented suitable practices and procedures in respect of corporate governance considering the size of the Board and the size and maturity of the Company.

Our business operates in accordance with the following policies:

PDF icon Board Charter  
PDF icon Code of Conduct
PDF icon Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter
PDF icon Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter
PDF icon Continuous Disclosure
PDF icon Shareholder Communication Policy
PDF icon Risk Management Policy
PDF icon Securities Trading Policy
PDF icon Performance Evaluation Practices
PDF icon Procedures for Selection and Appointment of Directors
PDF icon Diversity Policy
PDF icon Whistleblower policy
PDF icon Anti-bribery and Corruption policy
PDF icon Corporate Governance Statement